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Design Your Novel Polymers & Maximize Payload Compatibility for Sustained & Controlled Release

The increased prevalence of chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease has turbocharged the increase in demand for polymers in drug delivery systems. With Biorchestra signing a $861m pact to advance CNS targeted polymer nanoparticles, and Nanite Inc. investing $2m in the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation to develop polymer gene delivery technologies for the lung, now is the time to unite and advance polymer delivery system pipelines.

The Polymer Chemistry & Formulation in Drug Delivery Summit is the first meeting of its kind to address the specific advancements and technical challenges of polymer-based delivery systems to enable potent delivery of your given payload across a wide variety of disease indications.

Join 60+ polymer chemistry, engineering, characterization and delivery experts this May to ensure your polymer delivery systems are optimized for maximum therapeutic impact. With the convergence of cutting-edge research and industry pioneers, this summit provides a unique platform to exchange insights, foster collaborations, and chart the course for the future of polymer-based drug delivery.

Hear From Industry-Leading Speakers


“Polymers have a strong and continuing presence in drug deliveryIt will be interesting to see how they are currently used to develop new therapeutics with API-conjugates, Antibody Drug conjugates and LNP types of formulation.”

Serina Therapeutics

“I think that's where like the nugget of excitement is right now. Polymers have so much promise and I think we're just waiting to see: Will things tip over to regulatory world-breaking success?’’

Tiba Biotech 

“There's a major issue with intellectual property space availability. With polymers, there is plenty of design space that has not yet been covered by broad patents.’’


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