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Polymer Chemistry & Formulation in Drug Delivery Summit

The inaugural Polymer Chemistry & Formulation in Drug Delivery Summit is your essential forum to benchmark and learn with the polymer drug delivery community. Uniting for the very first time, the aim is to dive deep into the greatest chemistry, formulation and characterization challenges when developing polymer-based delivery systems.

Join Global Innovators and Tackle Your Greatest Challenges

  • Address your core chemistry challenges through identification and design of polymers with tailored properties, emphasizing biocompatibility and biodegradability considerations
  • Define and characterize your polymer systems to ensure consistency and accuracy of critical quality attributes (CQAs), instilling confidence in regulatory approval processes
  • Fine-tune polymer chemistry properties across diverse formulations, encompassing polymeric nanoparticles, polymer micelles, dendrimers, polymersomes and more
  • Attain controlled, sustained and specified release to your target, maximizing potency of delivery
  • Investigate loading and encapsulation capabilities for an array of API’s, including CRISPR Cas 9, guide RNA and DNA, with a focus on polymer-API compatibility